Sunday, 9 March 2014

February Favourites 2014

Ahh were a little while into March so I really needed to post my Feb favourites. Let's get into it!

Mask of Magnaminty (LUSH) £9.25: This stuff is amazing, I mean it doesn't compare to GlamGlow or anything but if you want a face mask you can use infinite times in a week then this is it! It's so refreshing and does such a great job at removing blackheads. It's not really an exfoliator but does have weird bits of stuff in there (not sure what it is). This has got a weird yet minty smell so this may put you off and is a little annoying to remove but it still does wonders for me. I use a foundation brush to apply this as to not waste product and get a neat, even covering over my face. Even then, this stuff lasts a long time!

It's Potent Eye Cream (Benefit) £24.50: I only have the sample size of this and it is my first dealings with anything skincare from Benefit - I wasn't even aware they did skincare until I found this. I love this in my morning routine, sometimes I feel like the skin around my eyes is tight and dehydrated and this just fixes it right up! I am seriously contemplating buying the full size of this once I've finished all my eye creams. 

Extraordinary Oil (L'Oreal Elvive) £9.99: I love to use this after I have washed my hair and before I blow dry. I just apply a couple of pumps to the ends of my hair and massage the excess into my scalp and leave it for about 30mins and allow my hair to partially dry. This allows the oil to sink into my hair and get to work. This has a pleasant smell and really does make my hair feel super soft and nourished.

Russian Red Lipstick (MAC) £15: This is my perfect red lip. I know that everyone loves Ruby Woo and don't get me wrong, I think it's a beautiful colour but it's a very stand out red. Russian Red is a little darker, still along the same colour family, but in my opinion less frightening. It makes your teeth look super white too!

Naked Gloss in Nooner (Urban Decay) £15: Relatively a new release in the beauty world and I had to jump on it! There so many shades to choose from and I took far too long in trying to choose which one I wanted because they all looked so beautiful. I eventually chose Nooner which is one of the glitterless glosses in the line. This is such a smooth non sticky gloss, it add dimension to your lips and doesn't dry them out. The only thing I would say it that the smell is a little strange, slightly minty but if you aren't big on fragranced products then this might put you off, but by all means go have a look at an UD counter. 

White Pencil Eyeliner (Natural Collection) £1.99: I got this because I wanted to try a white eyeliner, I've never used one before and finally gave in. It really just helps to brighten the eyes and although this possibly isn't the best one going it certainly was a bargain at just £1.99, so I'll probably end up trying another one in due course, but this one is doing just fine so far. 

Expert Face Brush and Powder Brush (Real Techniques) £9.99 and £12.99 respectively: Now I didn't actually pay those prices for them, I got them for £6.49 and £8.04 from ASDA which is a total bargain! I had wanted to try some of the face brushes from this line for a while so I am very happy that I now own some. The expert face brush is nicely packed and applies foundation flawlessly and the powder brush helps to not apply too much powder and stops it from looking cakey. 

Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat (Hourglass) £28: I had to save this one till last. This is taking the beauty world by storm and I have only heard rave reviews. This combines a blush and their face powder to create a beautiful glow. This is very pigmented so a little goes a long way and you'll have to tap of excess. Asides from the product being amazing, the packaging is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! It's very sleek and uber expensive looking (well it should be for the price)

I hope you have enjoyed my favourites for this month, let me know your thoughts on these products and tell me what you have been loving over the month of February. 

Speak soon, 

Roo xx


  1. I love the magaminty mask, really want to try the Naked lip glosses :) too x

    1. The gloss is lovely, every shade is so universal and looks great on everyone :) x


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