Thursday, 20 March 2014

Beauty Smackdown #8: Elf St Lucia Blush Vs NARS Deep Throat Blush

This post is going up a little late, I've had stuff to do today but this is very much a high end against drugstore edition of Beauty Smackdown.

I'm comparing Elf St Lucia blush and NARS Deep Throat blush. I'm mainly comparing the formulas but I do think the colours are quite similar.

Deep Throat is a rosy pink blush with fine subtle gold shimmers throughout. I really love this blush because I don't feel that it's ever over kill, it's super buildable and just gives that beautiful winter morning flush of colour.

This is from the Elf St Lucia Bronze and Blush Duo. Honestly, I love this as well, it is similar in colour but leans slightly to the more coraly side but still with that gold shimmer.

Side by side (NARS left, Elf right) I don't think there is much difference in terms of pigmentation. They are both nice and buildable and quite similar in colour. There re a few things that set them apart from each other - NARS has a much larger colour selection, the feel of the blush is a lot more luxurious and the staying power is much higher.

All in all I definitely prefer my NARS blush but if you aren't sure about spending a lot of money on a blush then I would recommend the Elf blush because it is very comparable to NARS and it is definitely a nice place to start :)

Which do you prefer, what blushes are your favourite. 
Let me know what you would like to see in upcoming posts.

Speak soon 
Roo xx

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