Thursday, 13 March 2014

Beauty Smackdown #7: Revlon Photoready Primer Vs Becca Resurfacing Primer

I'm starting to think I have a problem, I appear to be obsessed with and hoarding primers, does anyone else do this? Anyway, with the one I have I have tried my best to pair up the most similar formulas.

So the packaging is completely different, Becca being a tube and Revlon having a pump. Personally I prefer a tube because the I feel like I can get everything out of it and that my money isn't being wasted. Sorry the Revlon one looks gross - I've had it a while and it gets thrown about.

On the left in the Revlon primer and on the right is the Becca primer. First off they are both super pale but Revlon looks a little pink and Becca looks a little yellow - not sure about the effects of this. 

The Becca formula is a lot thicker but they both have a resurfacing feel about them, I love this because I like feeling that I am starting on even canvas. 

As for lasting power I feel that the Becca has better staying power and certainly helps the longevity of your foundation. That being said, I do feel that Revlon has a good formula but you pay for what you get. 

You get 40ml/1.35 fl.oz of product in the Becca primer and 27ml/0.91 fl.oz in the Revlon primer. Again, you pay for what you get. 

As many of you know I got the Becca primer for an absolute steal at £9.99 but the usual retail price (which I would focus on because you're more likely to find it for the higher price) is £32.00. This is a bit expensive but if you're after a bargain then I would try the Revlon Photoready primer for £11.99.

My overall winner this week is the Becca Resurfacing Primer. I love the formula and the packaging is an absolute win. The only thing that lets me down is the price, I'm not sure I would buy it again knowing I would have to pay over triple the price. 

Let me know what your favourite primers are :)

Speak soon 
Roo xx

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