Thursday, 27 March 2014

Beauty Smackdown #9: Clinique All About Eyes VS Benefit It's Potent

A nice skincare post because as the weather is looking quite crap I think a good bit of skin tlc is in order. Today the weather has been miserable going from cloudy and dark, to tipping it down, to thunder and lightening and finally literally pea sized heavy hail. I had to go out as well :( But it's harsh on the skin and one area that really needs taking care of is the eyes. A lot of people neglect this are and think that using just a single moisturiser will cut it (sorry, it won't!). The skin around your eyes is so different to the rest of your face, it is more delicate and shows up a lot more wear - Ever have a heavy night and wake up thinking you look awful? It's your eyes that are telling you that, they're puffy and purple and it's not a good look. Eye creams are super vital to taking good care of your skin and avoiding the dreaded crows feet and under-eye bag combo. So here's a smackdown that's going to tell you what's what!

*Also, I never really look back to see how I wrote my last BS (hehe BS!) so if it all seems a little skittish then that's why. I'm just keeping you on your toes :P

 Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream
As it suggests, this stuff is potent! Don't be expecting miracles to happen over night though. It's said to be a brightening formula so that it reduces the appearance of dark circles and helps to keep the eye are hydrated.

£24.50 for 14.2g or 0.5oz

I only have the sample size but the price definitely is up there. I love this stuff and use it as a day time eye cream before applying any make up. It's very lightweight and is absorbed fairly quickly. I am going to be devastated when I run out and realise that I can't afford a new full size :(
Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream
Again, supposed to reduce redness, puffiness, dark circles whilst being hydrating.

£25.00 for 15ml (which I'm not sure what on earth that equates to but I think they're about the same)

I also like to use this in the day time before makeup and have found that it is very hydrating but I don't really know about brightening. Can feel a little greasy

I'll level with you all. I love both of these products - they are both similar in price so forget comparing that. As far as skincare goes I would almost certainly recommend Clinique to anyone and everyone but for what I will call a day time eye cream I'm going to have to make Benefit my winner this week but it is a personal opinion based decision. To be fair, the Clinique one is brilliant and if you feel more comfortable with tat brand then by all means go for it because it's great. However, when it comes to texture I really do prefer Benefit - It's slightly thicker and has no greasy-ness feeling at all, plus (I know I said I wasn't comparing but..) 50p of is better than a poke in the eye.

Let me know if you agree with my decision, what are your favourite eye creams?

Also, don't forget to check out my previous post - I want to know your thoughts on a blog sale :)

Speak soon
Roo xx


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