Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Not Quite Ready For Christmas Nails!

I thought that it would be a good idea to show you a nail idea which is perfect for those of us who can't accept that it's close to Christmas and are generally not prepared, but also want to try!

 This is going to be your equipment for this look, not much but that's perfect for this look :)
- Boots 17 Magnetic Nail Polish - I have a deep green colour but I don't know the name haha. Also these magnetic polishes are half price in Boots at the moment but I think you need to claim your voucher with your Advantage card.
- Boots 17 Glitter Top Coat
- Sally Hansen Double Duty top and base coat
- Nail File

My nails are looking a little messy but anyway. It's always good to start off with clean hands and neat nails, so file down any rough edges and make your nails about the same length.

Apply a base coat with the Sally Hansen Double Duty or any base coat you prefer, this helps to prolong the wear of your polish and to also protect your natural nail from the colour of the polish your going to use.

This is actually my first time of using a magnetic polish and though they have been around for a long time I have never seen the need to buy it. This actually applies really thick and and you will only need one coat. Whilst the polish is still wet, use the magnet on top of the lid and hold close above your nail for a few seconds. Try not to touch your nail with it, pull the magnet away and you'll see the pattern emerge.
This is the finished result once the magnetic polish has dried, it has an amazing holographic effect and is just so effortless to do.
 After your nails are dry apply 2 coats of the glitter top coat, depending obviously on how glittery the polish you have chosen is.

And Here we are! The finished result! I love this design because it is perfect for the purpose, the colour is Wintery and the glitter add a little something but it doesn't outright look like Christmas nails.

I really hope you like this look and let me know if you give it a go.
Also, I have a special project coming up for which I have to be super dedicated! I am going to do themed nails based on the 12 days of Christmas and I have a few ideas for some but this is going to be a challenge, I will try and get all of the videos up for about a week before christmas to give you all a chance to get your supplies and give them a go :)

So keep your eyes peeled :)

- Roo xx

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