Saturday, 21 December 2013

Day 5 Christmas Nails!! Deck the Halls

So I have been really trying to get these uploaded for you and I hope that you appreciate the effort considering that it is 4 days before Christmas and I have yet to finish my wrapping! Jokes :P All aside I love anyone who reads my blog and just that makes me happy enough - I will however feel quite disappointed if I can't get these finished in time :/

But anyway, Here is day 5!

Fairy lights!

PS, when I have just uploaded the photos I realised I did such a crap job of documenting this. So it just jumps really far :S

So I hear you ask, 'what will I need for this?' Well it's your lucky day because I'm going to tell you!

- Glittery Green Polish
- Black Nail Polish
- White Nail Polish
- Red Nail Polish
 - Yellow Nail Polish
 Clean nail and I'm just going to mention this part because my mind failed to remind me to take pictures.

Take a base coat and apply that before anything else (Obv!)
Then take the glitter green polish and apply a few coats of that to build up opacity and when that's completely dry you can move onto the nail art.
 As you can see I did kind of skip ahead a little, but this is where you should get to after this next step.
Take the black polish and draw the wire for fairy lights.

You can make this as random as you like which is what I like about this design. Really use your imagination and be as creative as possible.
 Take the red, yellow and white to draw the bulbs.

You can choose what ever colours you like but I thought that these would look the best. So add as many bulbs as you like.

Add a top coat and then the look is finished.

I really hope you like this and feel free to share your designs with me too.

-Roo xx

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