Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Day 2 Christmas Nails - Snowy Rudolph

I know that I am posting day 2 before day 1 which it very confusing. Day 1 is actually in video form and is undergoing final editing, I tried to upload it but it failed so I have to start again :(

Anyway, I am going to alternate between YouTube and blog just to try and keep new posts coming in on both. I really love this one, I just think it looks so pretty and it's perfect if you work somewhere where you can't have bright coloured nails or anything too flashy :)

On to the tutorial!

What you will need:
- Nail file (as always, neaten up those edges!)
- Top/Base Coat, mines Sally Hansen Double Duty
- White nail polish, mine comes in a handy little nail art pen :)
- Light brown nail polish, I can't remember the name of mine but I know it's by Bourjois.
- Red nail polish, I chose a metallic because it adds a bit  more dimension to the design.
- Black nail polish, mine a Nails Inc./Kate Spade one because it came with a magazine haha.
- Rainbow glitter top coat.
- Cocktail sticks (For fine detail)

So clean, file nails as always, I'm just going tot apply a nice even layer of the base coat. Leave it to dry for about 5-10 mins before moving onto the next step.

 One that has dried you can add little random white dots on your nails. It looks good either uniform or random because we are going for a snow look. If you don't have a nail art pen like the one I have then the cocktail stick come in super useful. Failing that you could use the end of a paperclip, a flat bottomed pin or anything with a fine point, be creative!
 I got excited and skipped ahead a little before taking any more photos haha, sorry!

with the brown nail polish just make the shape of a reindeer hear and antlers, again cocktail stick of details :)

Dab on the red nail polish at the bottom of the nail so it looks like he's peering over :P
 Take the black polish and you should know by now what we need to do the eye, that's right - Cocktail sticks!

make them big enough to stand out but not too big that they take over the design.

And some glitter! Everything looks better with a little glitter!

And you're done! It's so simple but I think it still looks really festive.

Anyway, stay tune because I will be posting more but not for a few days, I'll have to upload quite a few in a day for you but I am away in Brussels as of tomorrow :D Ahh excited!

Anyway, I'll keep you posted.

- Roo xx

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