Thursday, 12 December 2013

Shopping in Brussels!

I am back in the UK after a lovely little ferry ride over to Belgium - more specifically I went to Brussels!

I went for the Christmas market but actually didn't really pay to much attention to it because I wanted to visit all the other shops and just generally explore. I only bought a few beauty items but thought that it would be nice for you too see what I bought :)

 I am so excited about this because I know that this is a product that most people seem to like, this is Bioderma Micelle Solution. I got it for roughly 16 euros which is about £12. I am really happy I have this and it was one of the things that I was desperate to pick up because I thought I stood a very good chance of finding this.

I will probably update you on this when I have a good idea as to whether I like it or not.
 This is something that I could get in the UK but this is a very small bottle which I could not find anywhere here. It's the Caudalie Beauty Elixer and I waited because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a full size product and then find that I don't like it because that would be super disappointing!

This was about 11 euros which I think is about £8 but I don't know how the prices compare to over in the UK, I may well have been ripped off for all I know :P

Again I'll more than likely update you in the same post as the Bioderma one
Finally this is a product I know I like and if you have followed my YouTube channel then you will have seen an empty purple tube in one of my favourites video!

I decided to go for this because it was 20 euros for the set which works out at about £15-16 and each was 7.50 euros. I think they're about £8 each anyway over here so you really do make a saving!

I wanted to try the other scents because I liked the one that I had anyway.

Anyway, this was what I bought when I went to Brussels.

I did want to explain about my November favourites post. I know that I haven't done one and we are about midway through December now. I am going to try and get more nail tutorials up for you and I will probably upload these in bulk and if I feel like I can then I am just going to do a late favourites video but if I can't then I do apologise but I will try and do a bumper December favourites to make up for it.

- Roo xx

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  1. Hyperventilating that you got Bioderma stuff...should have got you to get me some! Plus, I have the Jasmine L'Occitane hand crème- 'tis beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful, marvellous, magical time! xxx


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