Sunday, 4 May 2014

OOTD: Coco Couture!

Ok so maybe not Chanel but it's still pretty amazing. 
As a lot of you will know it is the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. To me this is a very generational film because most of the time when I speak to older people then they have no idea what it is and the same goes for people who are a lot younger. However, I can ask anyone from the around the ages of 15-24 about mean girls and 9 times out of ten they have heard of it and probably love it!

Ok so not the best photo of the shirt but you can still see it. I have wanted a Mean Girls related shirt for the longest time and when I saw this I was I had to have it. Thankfully my boyfriend takes hints quite well and only a few days later this arrived at my door without me even knowing he had bought it. 

You all know I don't do OOTDs (bar this one and the other one I did this week haha!) because my clothes are pretty blah. But I had to show you this :) 

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Roo xx


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