Monday, 12 May 2014

Diet Update #1!

Quite a few posts back I talked about how I had a little bit of weight to lose and that I would update you on how my progress has been. 

Well, progress is not the word I would use. I am really lazy when it comes to a diet and to be honest I have lost the whole of 1 pound in 2 weeks haha. I tend to stay at the same weight so that's at least something. 

So here are my measurements so far:

Height - 5ft 7.5in/ 1.71m
Weight - 10st 7lbs/ 147lbs
BMI - 22.8 (down by 0.1!)


Weight  - 9st 4lbs/ 130lbs
BMI - 20.1 (Still well into healthy range)

Weight to lose - 17lbs
Time Period - 14.5 weeks 
Weekly goal - By 19/05/14 - 10st 5lbs

Ok so I'm not doing as well as I thought (doesn't help that I made cupcakes the other day) so I am really going to have to up the anti here. So just over 1lb a week - I should be able to do this, I just need to get motivated. 

I'll try to update you all more.
Speak soon

Roo xx

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