Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cosmo Blog Awards

I'm new to these awards and the propects of it all got me very excited. I love writing this blog, it gives me somewhere to be creative and what makes it better is my readers. I love my readers because you make me feel like this blog is worthwhile. 

I've never been nominated for a blogging/ beauty award so it would mean an awful lot to me if you could vote for me in the Best New Beauty Blog category. The terms are that the blog must be less that 18 months old and my blog happens to be just under 16 months old (though I didn't find Bloglovin' until Feb this year). So suffice to say I would really appreciate if you could vote for me :) 
You can do that by clicking here.

Speak soon
Roo xx


  1. Ive nominated you, and id love it if youd nominate my blog too! i'd love it if youd comment back http://amyelizabethfashion.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/stay-flawless.html xx


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