Monday, 26 May 2014

First Impressions: Invisibobble

I have seen these posted around but didn't really pay too much notice. However, I was in Boots today and for some reason was drawn to them and had to have them. So here we are now with another First Impression review. 

Super intrigued by these and I decided to go for the clear version because it is called 'Invisibobble' so I thought I would give it fair chance to demonstrate that.  

So this is what the bobble looks like. Very strange, reminds me of old fashioned telephone wires.

Surprisingly it was actually super easy to stretch out and was bigger than I thought it would be. I was expecting that it would be super difficult to put my hair in a bun but actually it was nice and easy.

My hair is a little wet (add an extra challenge) but I would not say that this is completely invisible but it's also not massively obvious that your bobble in on show. I reckon that actually I need a bit of practice and then I will be able to get it looking invisible. 

Have you tried these? What do you think?

Speak soon
Roo xx

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