Monday, 26 May 2014

Diet Update

As I said, I am going to try and post these regularly - I feel like it's motivation. 
So I was having massive problems trying to get the weight to come off but it seems like it's starting to happen now. I recently started a cleaning job and honestly it's like doing a non-stop cardio workout which coupled with eating less/better food seems to be helping me out a great deal.

I don't want this to look like I hate the way I look because I don't - there are plenty of things I like about myself. Like most people I have a few insecurities and also I have felt sluggish of late so this is more to do with actual health and not vanity. My diet is not that serious but if you were planning to undertake an intense diet plan I highly recommend speaking with your GP first.

Here are my current measurements:

Height - 5ft 7.5 in/ 1.71m  (not going to change)
Weight - 10st 6lbs/ 146lbs
BMI - 22.6 (down by 0.2)

I thought that I should also include my body measurements to track because I like seeing physical progress.

Hips - 40in
Waist - 27"
Bust - 36"
Muffin Top - 37" (Thought I should include this because it's what bothers me the most, also I don't know the technical term.)
R Thigh - 24.5"
L Thigh - 24.5"


Weight  - 9st 4lbs/ 130lbs
BMI - 20.1 (Still well into healthy range)

Weight to lose - 16lbs
Time Period - 13 weeks 
Weekly goal - By 01/06/14 - 10st 5lbs

I didn't meet my last goal but weight has come off, I have just started an intense job and I feel that I need to really watch what I eat.

Hopefully my update will be loads better on Sunday.

Speak soon
Roo xx


  1. Sounds like you are off to a great start! Believe me I know how hard it is to loose the weight and then maintain the loss after you have met your goal. You can read about my weight loss journey on my blog under the Health Category if you wish!

    1. Thanks :) I'll definitely check it out xx


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