Friday, 2 May 2014

April 2014 Beauty Favourites

I always like to be very prompt with my monthly favourites, makes me feel organised but I have felt so disorganised lately, oh well haha. 

Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Oil Shampoo & Conditioner 400ml
I'm not entirely certain on how long these have been around for but I have seen them everywhere. I was nearly out of my shampoo anyway so I decided to give this a go. They do have other fragrances but at this is 'The Sleek Restorer' I though it might be the best one for me. I'm not sure about the smell, I'm not fond of anything that has a fake chocolate smell but this also has a hint of coconut which makes it quite nice, especially when you're flipping around your hair. 

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Mist 200ml
I can't do my hair without this stuff! I've been using this ever since I started straightening my hair. This has a bit of a perfumey smell to it which doesn't bother me because I can't ever smell it after doing my hair. I did go through a period of mot using anything on my hair and it became so damaged but after my hair was repaired I haven't risked it since. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo Hint of Colour Vibrant & Red 120g
I am a big advocate of dry shampoo. I don't wash my hair everyday so this is perfect to keep my hair looking fresh. Now the issue with dry shampoo can be that you end up with a white chalky look that you can't get rid of. Having a colour can help and as my hair has a slight red tone to it I have been using this but you still have to be so careful with it because if you spray it too close or too much then you end up with bright red marks through your hair. So if you're used to dry shampoo then I would seriously recommend the colour versions of Batiste.

Essie Vanity Fairest and Essie Marshmallow
I can't stop wearing these two! They make a perfect subtle French manicure that just makes your natural nails look whiter and brighter. It's perfect for any occasion and recently I wore this for an interview because it looks very toned down, professional and that you take good care of your nails. 
Generally I love the formula of Essie polishes because they apply really smoothly and the newer bottles even have the wider brushes that help with a quick and even application. 

OPI I Juggle Men
I hate the name of this, honestly it does nothing for the polish itself. 
You cant tell in the picture and in real life it is so subtle but that's what it's meant to be like. It's a milky white colour in the bottle but totally clear on the nails and it has these teeny tiny itty bitty bits of iridescent glitter that just catch the light every so often. You can layer this over anything and it will always look beautiful. The other good thing is that the glitter isn't chunky and there is absolutely no issues with removing the polish. 

So those were my beauty favourites this month, I hope you like them :)

Speak soon
Roo xx   


  1. I need a new shampoo and conditioner, those Garnier ones look great!
    KJ xo

    1. They're pretty good, I think they're on offer in Boots at the moment too :)

      Roo xx


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