Friday, 18 January 2013

Water Marble

So this is my first nail post and I will be showing you water marble nail patterns.

I first learnt how to do this on YouTube watching MySimpleLittlePleasures. She has loads of videos on this technique. This is the link to her channel
Rainbow Glitter
Blue with black detail

The technique is really quite simple but it takes a while, can be messy and uses a lot of nail polish.

What you will need:
- 1 cup, paper or plastic is preferable.
- A few cocktail sticks
- Several sheets of kitchen roll
- Cotton buds/ Q tips
- Nail polish remover
- Tape, clear or masking
- 3/4 nail polishes of your choice
- White or nude nail polish
- Base/Top coat

NOTE: You my have to practice with your colours and try different ones together as sometimes the colours wont work together.

So the first step you want to take is laying down some kitchen roll just to avoid any mess :)
Then, fill your cup up with water, filtered is best as it has fewer impurities which may make this harder to do.

Once you have that done mask up the skin around your nail to roughly about half way down your finger but not past the middle joint. You can do all of the first hand you are working with at once but if you are trying this for the first time then it might help to do this one at a time.
My first attempt - I forgot the tape :(

Paint your nails with the base and or nude/white polish. Let this dry thoroughly.
Then carefully drop your first colour into the water making sure that it spreads fully. Then add your second colour into the middle of the first colour and hopefully it will spread just as much as the first. Keep dropping colours into the centre of the previous polish until you have built up a bullseye which has around 10-20 rings. You have to do this fairly quickly because you don't want the polish to dry before you get to the most crucial step.

Grab a cocktail stick and swirl it around in the water until you have the pattern you want :)
Then, facing your nail down parallel to the water, dip your nail in. Keep your nail there until you have swept away the excess polish with a cocktail stick. Your pattern should have transferred onto your nail. Allow this to dry before you remove the tape. once you have removed the tape then just clean up with your cotton bud/Q tip and nail polish remover.
One nail done.

Finished! :D

My personal favourite ;)

I hope this has been helpful and have fun and good luck trying water marble! :)

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