Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Max Factor 3 in 1 Foundation Review

Hi All! So today's post is about the Max Factor 3 in 1 foundation.
This product is advertised as a primer, foundation and concealer all in one so I thought it would be worth getting a sample :)

A couple of notes;
1. The foundation sample I received was a random colour and it is a lot darker than my natural skin tone, so I am mainly focusing on the coverage, finish, texture and smell.
2. Sorry I look a bit rough haha, had a long day at work :P
3. I haven't labelled this as a first impression because I didn't try it out for the day because it was sooo dark on my skin.

So, here we go!

 <--This is the sample that I received, plain black sachet and in the shade Natural 50, I would have chosen the lightest shade if there was an option, but it's no big deal because it's not like I paid for it :D
 I poured some of the sample onto my hand and it actually looks closer to my skin tone in the picture than it actually is. The consistency was runny which I'm not so much of a fan of as it started moving down my hand as I was trying to hold the mirror as well, not too clever of me haha.
 My face before :) I took so many photos and this was the most flattering :S I have bad skin and this is actually a good skin day for me, but my skin was still a little blotchy.
Just before applying the foundation I cleansed my skin with the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit face wash and then sprayed on a little M.A.C Fix+ to help soothe my skin.
 I had applied 1 coat of the foundation and to be honest the picture makes it look a lot lighter than it was, I mean it was seriously orange!
Anyway I put on another coat and my word it was amazing! My skin didn't feel caked, it felt smooth and the foundation had covered absolutely everything!

The foundation didn't have a strong smell but it was a pleasant smell. It did leave a slightly dewy finish on my nose but it was also slightly matted everywhere else.

I am definitely considering buying this in the full size, I will see what the shade range is and who knows it might become a new favourite.
They do only have 6 shades (That I know of) and the one I am wearing is the 3rd lightest and as a rule of thumb, if they don't have a good range then they probably wont have my shade.

It retails for £11.99 at Boots
I hope you liked this review and look out for future posts :)

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