Saturday, 26 January 2013

First Time for First Impressions

So today I'm going to do my first ever first impressions post!
I'm excited for this because though I'm new to the blogging world I thought I would just dive right in!

The product I am reviewing today is Boots 17 Ultimate Volume Lip gloss in the colour Very Berry.

 <--This is the product, It comes in a simple clear tube and a gloss black lid :) I love it when gloss comes in a clear tube so you can actually see the colour, especially as I don't personally think that the swatches that boots has on their website are very accurate - well at least for this colour. The swatch made it look as though it would be a deep pink/purple where as it is more of a deep pink/red. I think it goes better with my skin tone anyway.

This was just after I applied it for the first time and it was taken at 9:47am just before I left for work :)

The colour is really pigmented but I love it anyway. I did apply a small amount of my Barry M lipstick in the shad 121 which is like a pillar box red :)
There is no smell or taste so I think that can be a good thing, no risk of unpleasantness.

It glides on really smoothly and there is no sort of sticky feeling but as I precaution I always wear my hair back/up if I'm wear gloss because I'm at risk of my hair sticking to the gloss :(

I took two pictures this morning and the first one shows the lip gloss perfectly but I like the second photo.

I really didn't do a lot with my make up this morning, just;
-M.A.C Fix+
-M.A.C Studio Scult foundation in NC15
-Arch de Triumph by Soap and Glory
-Coco Crazy mini pallet by Max Factor
-Gel Eyeliner by Maybelline
-M.A.C Fast Black Zoom Lash Mascara
-Barry M lipstick in 121
-And of course Boots 17 Ultimate Volume Lip gloss in Very Berry.

When I got to work I decided to take another picture of this and it was at 10:12am and the colour had started to become uneven and wear off.

I wasn't expecting it to stay on for too long but I would have loved it to have been a stain and not a regular gloss.
So if you're looking to buy this be prepared to reapply over and over .

I didn't bother uploading a photo from after work because it had completely vanished though I just had a regular day at work so I was eating and drinking which I think did get rid of a lot of it.

I would certainly say that if you want a regular lip gloss with a high pigment then you should definitely try this one especially as it is only £3.99! So for that price you can't go wrong :)
I hope you like it :)

P.S - Please excuse the awful hairstyle :P

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