Friday, 25 January 2013

Earrings I'm In Love With!

I thought I'd tell you about the styles of earrings which I currently love!

I've gotten into a few styles of earring recently and they're all so different :)
I hope you like them too!

The first one is ear cuffs!
Silver (Silver) Silver Pyramid Stud Ear Cuff Earrings | 262076592 | New LookGold (Gold) Gold Hanging Cross Ear Cuff | 267438393 | New LookCrystal (Clear) Sparkle Ball Earcuff | 262976290 | New Look
What I mainly love about ear cuffs is that if you're the sort of person who loves the pierced look but don't actually want to have the piercings then these are perfect :) They have that sort of look about them. not to mention you can get them in loads of styles. Ones that are just small cuffs - some designed into different shapes and animals, one with chains attached to an earring (which is my personal favourite!), Hangy ones and in so many colours!

The next is fairly similar, I don't know if they are also called ear cuffs but I think they should be separate.
I'm going to call the ear hangers

I just think these are sooo pretty!
They hang over the back of your ear and the chains just hang and again, you don't need piercings for these!

I have one in black with black spikes hanging at the bottom and AB white crystals at the top and the only thing I would say about these is that they might hurt your ear after a while of wearing them, though it could just be me :P

Next is something simple.

Very simple coloured crystal stud earrings. I think they are so cute and just look great with anything.

There is just something soo appealing about transparent colour crystals. I know they're not expensive but they just seem precious to me :)

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