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My favourite make up part 2!

I got as far as writing about my favourite skincare products last time but in this one I really am doing about make up (minus 1 item :P). So I'll just jump straight into it!

The only item in this post that isn't make up is this one - It is my M.A.C Fix+ Spray :)

<-- This is it :) It comes in 2 sizes, The 30ml bottle which is a great travel size and the 100ml bottle which is the one that I have. The spray comes with a sort of lock on the top for when you're not using it. The packaging just looks great, but that not the point of it.

I had looked at a few reviews beforehand just to make sure that I wanted this and that it would actually benefit me. My skin is prone to redness and dryness so this was great :) It really does reduce the redness and it is soo moisturising. I have used it everyday since Christmas and It looks like I have barely used any and I typically use between 2-4 spray to get a full coverage.

I would suggest that if you suffer from dry and oily skin and are prone to redness etc. then you invest in this because it is really worth it. I use it after my moisturiser and before my make up - you can use it after your make up to set it or even just on its own. I feel that it gives my skin that natural dewy glow which always looks good :)  It retails at £13.50 which is entirely reasonable given that M.A.C can sometimes be quite pricey.

Now onto the actual make up;

The first thing I want to show you is the Arch de Triumph by Soap and Glory which is their brow pencil and highlighter duo.

So what I mainly love about this as a brow pencil is that it doesn't go on too strong but it also isn't difficult to work with. I have very fair eyebrows so I always have to be careful that I haven't put on too much because it would really look weird. The colour is very build-able but I would suggest that if you have darker than mousy-medium brown maybe even slightly darker that this might not be the right product for you.

The highlighter is amazing! It is so creamy and really easy to blend, It has a nice vibrancy but looks natural and because it blends so well it does look very natural but helps brighten the eyes. You do need a large pencil sharpener for this but they aren't hard to come by. They do retail at £6.00 so it is one of the cheaper products but its quality is beyond compare :)

Next I have my eye shadows, I do have a few I'd like to talk about so I'll try not to waffle on about them and get straight to the facts.

The first is No7 Smoky Rose Quad Pallet

This pallet has 4 different colours, and they are all pearly which I love :)
There is a shimmery white which works really well as a highlighter and using the arch de triumph underneath really helps it to stick.
The second is a rose gold colour which is good for a full lid colour if its during the day so it doesn't look like too much especially if you're only going to work haha.
The third is a deeper rose gold with more brown tones to it and I love to use this one as the lid colour if I'm going out at night and I'm all dressed up because it is perfect with the fourth colour to do smoky eyes :) The fourth is a deep chocolatey brown which looks great in the outer corner of the eye to get the smoky eye look.

I may upload a tutorial on how to use this :)
They actually came as a freebie but I have seen people sell them for £7-8

Next I'm going to do 2 in 1 :)

These are my M.A.C Pressed Pigment eye shadows in 'Her Alter Image' and 'Vile Violet' and these are part of the Venomous Villains collection.

So the top one is 'Vile Violet' and the bottom one is 'Her Alter Image', there was a third one called 'Vainglorious' which is a deep red/burgundy with a slight metallic quality to it, however I love the ones that I have :)

So the 'Vile Violet' is a very deep violet with a matte finish which I like to use in the outer corners on my eye for the smoky look.

The 'Her Alter Image' colour is a pearlised lilac which I use all over the lid and what I like about these is that it really brings out the blue in my eyes :)

They were a limited edition so they are no longer available from M.A.C but I'm          sure if you search hard enough then you will find them :P

I think they retail at the same price as the normal pressed pigments which is £16.50, though it may be different because it was a limited edition.

The next is Max Factor Max Effect Trio in 'Coco Crazy'

This mini pallet includes nude colour which makes for a great highlighter or a very subtle lid colour.

The second is like a caffe latte colour also makes a good lid colour especially if you are going for a smoky eyes effect.

And lastly a darker chocolate colour which I use for the smoky eye effect.

They retail for £6.99 and are perfect for every occasion.

Now I don't have many lipsticks but the one I really like is the M.A.C Venomous Villains

This shade is called sinister and it has a purple/brown/red colour to it. It also has a shimmery quality and to be honest, depending on your skintone, it can really wash you out. I have very fair skin anyway so to stop it washing me out I like to use a lip brush and use only a light amount.

Not only do I like the colour, the smell is fantastic.
It smells like vanilla ice cream and like it's good enough to eat though I wouldn't recommend doing that :P

Again because it was part of a limited edition range then the prices may vary but the price of the normal lipsticks are £14.00

Finally my lipgloss and the only one I use is the No7 Liplicious lipgloss in Sweet Peaches

 This is a pinky shimmery lipgloss which has a nice applicator if you want to use it direct from the tube.

I goes on smoothly and has quite a subtle look so it doesn't  look like overkill :)

It smells really sweet and nice so that's always a bonus but the only thing I don't like is that it doesn't last too long and you do need to keep re-applying it

This retails at £10 which isn't too much to pay but it's also not the cheapest.

I hope you enjoyed this post a and look out for future posts :)

NOTE: I don't own any of these pictures so I do apologise if I am using these without permission.

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