Thursday, 17 January 2013

Purchases of Today Part 2

So after I went to Lush I said to myself 'Right you're going home you don't need anything else.', until I saw the M.A.C counter and decided to buy something else :)

I haven't ever tried M.AC foundation before so I am very excited to try this.
I recommend that If you haven't tried it before then you ask to have someone help you find your right colour.
I went for the 'Studio Sculpt' in shade NC15.

I have a very light complexion but when I had the colours tested the woman said I could get away with either NC15 or NW15. From what I understand the C and W in the codes mean cool or warm in reference to the shades so you really do get a perfect match for your skin tone.

So looking at the packaging the tube it comes in does not look like it holds a lot. The woman at the counter did assure me that it lasts for a long time so that we be something that have to update on :)

My review on this product is purely based on when the woman in the shop applied the foundation to my face. It felt like it was easy to put on, very smooth and spreads well, has a very good coverage and lasts very well.

However this does retail at £24.00 so it is a little pricey, well for me anyway

So my rating for M.A.C Studio Sculpt is 4/5 :)

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