Sunday, 16 February 2014

Vaseline Spray and Go First Impression/ Happy 100th Post To ME!!

It's is officially my 100th post on my blog and whilst this post isn't particularly special at all I couldn't think of anything better. I may do something special later - not sure.

Anywhooo, I literally applied this 5 mins ago so you know that my thoughts are going to be damn strong!
 I legit think I am in love with this thing! Let's just firstly put that out there because I can't stress how much I like it and I am going to tell you whyyy.....

- Firstly, just take a look at the packaging, I know I don't have a full picture but google it. Honestly I thought this was just going to be a ridiculous novelty that would be of no worth to anyone but how wrong was I. The (continuous) spray can is a genius idea! I am not one for dipping my hands in a pot or squeezing things out of tubes because for some reason it feels like too much effort (I'm so lazy haha!). But this, hands down, is super easy to use.

- Secondly,continuing on the first point. You know when you have applied a little moisturiser and then you go back to apply more and suddenly it becomes so infinitely difficult because your hands just slip all over? Well say good by to that nonsense! This stuff drys nicely and doesn't leave you feeling greasy or stick at all.

- Thirdly, the product is so easy to rub into the skin and you really don't need that much product at all, which is nice.

- Lastly and this is probably the biggest thing for me, I managed to put on a tight fitting top and skinny jeans with no difficulty! I have tried other moisturisers in the past *Cough* Nivea In Shower Moisturiser *Cough* and I can only use then If I had made the conscious decision to not wear jeans or a tight fitting top because there is no way in hell they will even pull up.

I literally don't have anything bad to say about this product and only time will tell how long this can lasts and I'm hoping it's going to be in my routine for a long time :)

Have you tried this product? Also What moisturisers are you currently loving?

- Roo xx  

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