Thursday, 6 February 2014

Beauty Smackdown #3: MAC Penultimate Eye Liner VS Collection Extreme 24 Hr Felt Tip Liner

MAC Penultimate Eye Liner 
Collection Extreme 24 Hr Felt Tip Liner

I am really enjoying doing these posts and I hope you all enjoy them too! I really feel like I get to give you a great insight to how products compare to one another and help you all make good makeup decisions!

 Collection Extreme 24Hr Felt Tip Liner

- Comfortable shape
- Really pigmented
- Good control (nib isn't too soft and isn't too hard)
- Super affordable
- Lasts a long time (this might be different on oily skin)

- Not Waterproof

Yeahh So basically I love this product, I got it on a whim though because I wanted to try a drugstore liner, well just because and it ended up being a product that I really love!

MAC Penultimate Eye Liner

-Comfortable shape

- Nib is far too soft
- Pigment isn't amazing
- It's difficult to get the colour out
- Smudges

I don't know if I just got a faulty one of these because I would have had high hopes that MAC would have a super high quality liquid liner but it is really awkward to use because the nib is too soft and you have to press quite hard just to get a decent black out of it.

The Collection has a longer nib and is a lot stiffer than the MAC one.

The Collection liner also manages to get a finer controlled line and well a chunky lines.
The 2 left lines are MAC and I have tried to show a fine line and a thick line and I managed to get the colour out on the thick one but the line was messed up from pressing s hard and the fine line was a really rubbish pigment.

The 2 right lines are Collection and you get the same pigment in thick and fine. It glides on so smoothly and just looks flawless.

It won't come a surprise then if I say that the Collection 24Hr Extreme Liner is miles above in quality than the MAC liner. Especially considering the price differences as MAC is £17.00 and Collection is £2.99 it is a serious bargain! Try the MAC one if you are dead set on it but read the reviews on their website, suffice to say I cannot recommend the Collection liner more!

Let me know what eyeliners you are loving and what are your opinions on these liners if you have tried them.
- Roo xx


  1. I'm still on the hunt for my HG felt tip eyeliner, and I have found its often not worth the money to pay more. I am loving Bourjois one that the moment though!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I honestly wouldn't bother with the MAC one, thankfully I got it as a present so I'm not too distraught that I didn't like it :) x


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