Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Drugstore Edit #6: Elf Single Eyeshadow

Oh dear! Looks like I've been a bit busy today and just realised that I needed to do a post! Well here I am now :)

This week I am going to talk about the Elf Single Eyeshadow. I got this as part of my first very Elf purchase and I bought a tonne of stuff!

I don't have any swatch pictures (sorry!) but oh well :(

This is part of their Studio range which is their 'professional' range as opposed to the ones in the white packaging, so you expect the quality to be better - not that I have tried any of the shadows in the white packaging.

First of all, I love the packaging to this, it is very NARS-esque and makes the brand look more expensive. I like that it has a little window into the product so you can see the colour you are getting but I hate the stupid little mirror that really has no valid function.

The colour is lovely an the range as a whole doesn't have a lot of colour options but it's alright. Unfortunately the quality of the shadow was a bit rubbish to be honest. It was a little bit wishy-washy and pretty much the same quality of the huge palette that I tried (which you can totally read if you want!).

I'm not too let down by it because it was only something like £3.25 or something so no big loss!

If you are interested in trying this then you can buy it (along with some amazing products) at (If you're in the UK). I assume if you are in the US then you can find it all over!

Speak soon
Roo xx

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