Thursday, 20 February 2014

Beauty Smackdown #4: Smashbox Photo Finish VS Maybelline Baby Skin

Ahhh, another Thursday, another edition of Beauty Smackdown. I have wanted to do this one for a while because I know both products are quite hyped up. I know some people have said that Baby Skin is a dupe for Benefit's Porefessional. However, though I have not yet tried Porefessional, Baby Skin looks like it could be more of a dupe of Smashbox's Photo Finish. I have tried Photo Finish and I feel it matches Baby Skin identically. But lets get on with it.

So I have the full size of Baby Skin and only a (very empty) sample size of Photo Finish.

I really like the general packaging because I don't feel like I'm being cheated when I get a squeeze tube because I know I can get all the product out.
 Smashbox is on the left and Maybelline in on the right. They look exactly the same, they feel exactly the same, smell exactly the same and do exactly the same.

They have a silicone feeling and both have mattefying finishes.

So in actuality I think these are pretty much the same product but with a massive price difference with Maybelline Baby Skin at £7.99 and Smashbox Photo Finish at £25.

Although I would totally recommend the Smashbox primer I think you are better off saving your pennies as my winner this week is Maybelline Baby Skin!

Let me know if you have tried either of these products and if you agree with my choice or not :)

Speak soon
Roo xx

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