Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Update on Amazing Deals!

I love finding a bargain, I think everyone does, so I thought as an additional post today I would just quickly tell you about some deals I found.

Yes I know this is going to be region specific and I'm sorry to anyone who can't get to these places but I bet that you can find them somewhere. Just take a look in the bargain store that you wouldn't want to be seen it, they might just surprise you.

So I live in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK and recently I went shopping in Xtras and I told you all about the amazing deals I found in there. Weeelllllll, I went back and I found some OPI nail polish for only £5.99 and I was literally passing out with excitement, shame the colour selection wasn't that good.

This is not where my story ends dear children, because I then went to TJ Hughes, another bargain shop. I found more OPI and this was only £4.99 and they had pretty good colour selection too!! I will be going back there, I promise.

Still, finally I was in Wallsend with my sister yesterday and we went into the 99p store which is a total novelty because it seems funny that a shop is trying to compete with a poundshop. They were selling OPI and China Glaze for, you guessed it, 99p! But the downside was that they only had the crackle formulas.

So if you live in the Newcastle upon Tyne area and fancy some cheap high-end polishes then have a look at these shops :)

Roo xx


  1. I went to the Xtras shop after I read about it on your blog. However, as soon as I went in I was glared at by a surly sales assistant who then followed me around and made me feel like a crook :-(

    1. That's awful! They've never done that to me, their loss really :/


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