Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Drugstore Edit: Maybelline Brow Drama

As promised, here is the first of many Drugstore Edits for my blog! :) enjoy!

 So I'm reviewing the Maybelline Brow Drama sculpting brow mascara for this edition and I know it's relatively new and so I wonder how many of you have been able to try this. I'm also curious to know where it's available.

So as you can see the packaging is quite simple, sort of reminds me of an all black tube of the great last mascara. So I like it, it's not fancy but it's straight to the point about what it is.
 I really don't like the applicator. I get the point of the ball part and separately the straight part but not together, the ball part makes the other part completely useless! I can't get enough product with the ball part anyway so I have to smush down the bristles which will eventually ruin it anyway but I'd love to use the other part to help evenly comb through my brows.
Here's a swatch to prove my point. I had to push down the applicator just to be able to get this amount. I think it can be really uneven too.

Another downside is that I think it only comes in 2 colours so if you have red/black light blond hair then you probably won't find a colour to match.

Not to mention I really wouldn't recommend this if you've forgotten to do brows, if you can get any product then it will cling to any hairs so you have to be super scrupulous. This also wouldn't work if you have very sparse brows. I also tried this over the top of my normal brow kit and it does make it look a little more natural but not enough to make it worth it.

I don't think I could slate this anymore and I really wanted to like this but it just isn't for me. If you feel like you could use this and I'd probably say that if you have thick well shaped and groomed brows then this might work for you. It retails for £4.99 so it's totally inexpensive.

Well I hope you like this and look out for 2 weeks time when I do the 2nd edition of The Drugstor Edit!

- Roo  xx

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