Friday, 17 January 2014

Amazing Bargain! You have got to read this!

I went shopping yesterday and found something that I have to share.
I apologise because I know that there are only a small amount of these stores and I think they are only in the north of England :( But if you can get there then do!

I was in a shop called Xtras in Newcastle Eldon Square. Some of you may know about this store, if not then here is the website :)

I will admit that some of the makeup I wouldn't buy but I am certain that a lot of their products are american imports as I have seen brands like Almay and Wet n Wild. My whole point is that recently I saw a few rave reviews on a brand called Becca, which is high end and I found it in Xtras, the great thing about this store is that the products re mega discounted and there is nothing wrong with the products but I am given to understand that the Becca company has gone into liquidation and that's why they are selling them at such low prices. I managed to get the resurfacing primer for £9.99 instead of £32.00 so I am super happy.

Not only that but I managed to get a Calvin Klein mascara for £3.99. I have wanted to try the CK brand makeup for a while because I'm curious about the quality so you will see reviews of the primer and mascara in the very near future :)

Thanks for reading
- Roo xx


  1. Wow, crazy deals! Good for you :-)

  2. Hey, I'm going to be in town on Saturday morning. Where abouts in Eldon Square is this shop?! :)

    1. If I am right in remembering it's next to The Body Shop and across from USC :)


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