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10 Beauty Mistakes I Used To Make Tag!

This was a tag I saw by Belle from Maltesers and Mascara and she tagged everyone so I thought I would give it a go. Here is her post for reference:

Here we go!:

1. Bad skincare
Well lets be honest, no skincare. Only recently (the past 2 years) I have actually started taking care of my skin. I never understood the importance of skincare until I really got into makeup and to be honest have left my skin in a bit of a state and wish that I had taken care of it sooner!

2. Panda eyes
I too, like most, went through I bit of a goth/emo stage and this involved applying loads of eyeliner all the way around my eye, and if I was feeling arty I wing the outside and the inside, I feel like I should try and recreate this look for some reason!

3. Pink eyeliner
Oh yes! I think this was actually a lip liner but I used to double line my under eyes with black and pink and I thought I was so arty and cool and I was actually going for the tired almost dead look. I would never in a million years dream of doing this again unless it was part of costume makeup.

4. Foundation that was too dark
I never intended this but as I could only afford drugstore makeup I didn't have a lot of choice and to be honest the colour selection, especially if you are stupidly pale, is rubbish. I used to use Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid which has such an orangey tone to it and I have tried other brands too with no avail. So having a better income has really helped and also finding out how you should colour match foundation because I never knew there was such a thing as cool/neutral/warm undertones!

5. Applying foundation when my skin wasn't ready
I didn't use a primer (I had never heard of such a thing!), I didn't moisurise ad I used to just apply the foundation with my hands right onto my bare skin and I had horribly dry flaky skin and it used to cling to every bit and show it up like mad!

6. Applying eyeliner only to the waterline
I don't mind this if it's balanced on top but on days where I didn't use the panda eye approach I used to put on some mascara and and line my bottom waterline and it just looks so heavy and really makes your eyes look droopy.

7. No Blush/Bronzer
I never used either of these because I didn't know that they were important. I didn't think blush was that necessary and being only exposed to those who over apply it then I was certainly put off, same goes for bronzer but being as pale as I am I thought it would just look ridiculous and didn't realise that you could do so much and add so much dimension with both. So I used to walk around with flat colour foundation, yuck.

8. Foundation lips
I think I feel most embarrassed about this one. But I think it's a phase that everyone goes through and you end up looking like you have no lips.

9. Makeup for days
Another part of me not taking care of my skin was that I was a serial offender for not taking off my makeup at the end of the day, I didn't see a point if it was still hanging around. I used to just neaten it up and carry on. I seriously wish I hadn't because it's so bad and probably caused a lot of breakouts.

10. Tide lines
Most of my makeup mishaps are to do with foundation and this is an absolute no no and a total sin! Considering I was using foundation that was too dark, I never blended it down my neck so it came to an end on my jaw and you would have seen it from a mile off!

I hope you enjoyed this and I'd love to know your makeup mistakes so I am tagging everyone, especially Catherine at

- Roo xx

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