Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Drugstore Edit #3: Elf Corrective Concealer

In my previous post I mentioned that I would be alternating the weeks that I post The Drugstore Edit and Beauty Smackdown just so there is a bit of regularity :)

So this time I'm looking at the Elf Corrective Concealer in the Erase and Conceal colour selection.

To start off, the packaging - I love the packaging, I think that all of the Elf Studio products are somewhat reminiscent of NARS but without the rubbery finish.
I like that you can easily see what the colours look like so you know what you're getting.

It does have a small mirror which is somewhat useful for touch-ups but other wise I don't tend to use it.

 So you get yellow, blue, green and pink and they are supposed to cancel out any irregular colours and make them neutral. I love the concept of this because there is nothing worse than being able to see red skin through your foundation.

It comes with a small brush which is a neat idea but is practically useless because the consistency of the concealers is horrible! I found that the only one that was workable was the blue concealer but the rest were really hard to blend and get enough colour, by the time I had blended it on my skin I had caused more redness then I had to begin with.

I felt like the blue was quite greasy feeling when I had used it. The colours also seemed to grip onto any dry skin I had which just made it look worse.

So suffice to say I really don't like this product but it was only £3.75 which is nothing to complain about.

Literally the packaging and price are the only positives and I really don't like anything else about this so I am giving this a 2/10. I don't want to discourage anyone from trying this because it could be great for other people. So if you do want to try this than you can get it at or at any drugstore I guess for my US readers!

Let me know what you think of this product if you have had a chance to try it :)
- Roo xx

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