Thursday, 23 January 2014

Becca Resurfacing Primer Review

I've had a chance to get to grips with this product over the last week so I feel as thought I can give a decent enough review :) Everyone seems to be on the hunt for the perfect primer and given the latest releases I think it's a good opportunity to take a look at some less known products.

The packaging is a fairly plain tube style which is always great and you do get a fir amount of product at 40ml which is about the same as you would get in a foundation tube/bottle. The design is super sophisticated and to me it just oozes luxe but I think the brand as a whole does.

 This is the actual product. It's not anything special to look at but I really like it. I do feel like you have to use a lot of product because it doesn't spread all that well, the bright side though is that I haven't experienced a greasy feel with this and it doesn't make my make-up slide round like some poorly made primers do. It has a lovely mattefying (dunno if that's a word!) texture, which I love and as far as I'm aware there is no discernible smell - there's nothing worse then having an unpleasant smell linger around especially when it's right under your nose!

I certainly wouldn't purchase this at the usually price (unless I was treating myself) as it is £32! But as you may have read in a previous post of mine, I was imformed that the company has gone into liquidation so I managed to get it for the amazing price of £9.99. As far as I'm aware it is still normal price in stores that normally stock the Becca brand but I'm not too sure.If you can get a hold of this then I really recommend this especially if you have oily skin because it's such an awesome product.

I plan to have a few more reviews posted soon so keep an eye out for those :)

- Roo xx

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