Monday, 6 January 2014

Elf Palette Review

A couple of days ago I went onto the Elf website because I needed another lip exfoliator (amazing product!) and they had a 50% sale so I treated myself to a 100 colour palette. t arrived this morning and I have but together a short review for you :)

So here is the palette, It has really nice simple packaging and you can see most of the colours so at east you know what types you are getting.

But getting on to my thoughts, overall I give this palette a 4/10 and here is why;

To be honest, I am really disappointed by this and I am happy I did not pay full price, even though full price isn't even that expensive.

I can say for it that I like that it has a good range of colours (it even has red!) and a nice amount of mattes, shimmers and satins.

The mattes were probably worst of all. When you first swatch the colours (even satins and shimmers) the pigment doesn't look too bad, mattes had the least but I thought that they might apply well. They were all kind of wishy-washy when you actually apply them, this goes for all finishes so applying with a brush is useless, I would recommend dabbing on with a finger to get the best colour payoff and also use a cream base for it to hold onto.

The issue I had with satin/shimmer is the amount of fallout! it was crazy.

Here I have a set of swatches, I chose a shimmer colour to demonstrate.
Top is swatched with a finger
Middle is swatched with a brush
Bottom is applied with a cream base underneath.

I think I can still use these and they would be ok for costume makeup so I think I will save them for that sort of thing.

Obviously I don't want to discourage anyone from buying these because you might really like them but they weren't for me. They were only £7.50 reduced from £15 so it's not too bad.

Anyway, I am planning to get some more videos on the go, I'm just trying to find better software for this but I should be up and running again soon.

I hope you enjoyed my review and I will speak again soon :)

- Roo xx

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