Sunday, 13 October 2013

25 Facts About Me!...Stolen From Catherine :P

I'm sure that you will have seen this post already on Catherine's blog and if not then go check it out --->
Anyway, I thought I'd give this one a bash and give you a bit of insight into my life aswell! So here we go :)
P.S. Sorry Catherine I stole some of your questions, I got stuck!

1. My middle name is Anastasia, for a long time I hated my middle name because it was so unusual and like I felt as though I needed to explain how it was spelled or why my parents gave me that name, like I would know or something, but now I really like this name because it's unusual :)

2. All time favourite food - Sausage and mash! Nothing like a bit of comfort food and although I love sushi and pizza and stuff and would have claimed it as my favourite it's truly not. I've had time to think about this and I know it seems weird to put so much effort into this but it's deffo sausage and mash, I could eat it forever! of course with peas and gravy, no onions tho.

3. I have an unusual knack for this one and I'll have to explain it. If someone drops change on the floor I immediately know what type of coins they have dropped. It may sound weird and like I'm obsessed with money but really I don't know how I acquired this skill.

4. I have big hands, big feet and a big nose. These are also things I hated about myself for a long time and I actually wanted a nose job but now I really don't care because I'm not trying to impress anyone and the only person I should be impressing is myself and I'm happy with my looks now because I know what works for me.

5. I have weird gold rings around my pupils. It looks cray considering I have blue eyes :) From what I understand, it's called Central Heterochromia. Mine is common in those with low amounts of melanin in the iris tissue and trust me, I have low amounts of melanin everywhere!

6. Me and Daniel have been together near enough 6 years! That literally means that I was 13 when I started going out with him!

7. My favourite colour? Green! Closely followed by purple but purple is easier to wear than green. But to be more specific then it would be chartreuse.

8. I'm terrified of elevators, I have been working on this a lot lately but I'm scared that the cables will snap and I will fall to my death. Sorry if I have just made you scared of them too.

9. One thing that may grind on me more than anything in the world? When people don't shape their eyebrows correctly and their either too short or too long for their facial proportions.

10. It pisses me off when you can bend over backwards doing something nice for someone and then get nothing in return, not even a thank you. I find it difficult that someone could not be so appreciative even if it was just a thankyou.

11. I'd like to think that I'm not a snob about certain things but I totally am. For instance, coffee. I can't get over the fact that people are employed by a major coffee chain and yet cannot make a decent cup of coffee. Don't get me wrong, I love Starbucks but I only go for the flavoured/seasonal coffees and you wont ever see me with a regular latte from there. I really want to go behind the counter and show them how it's done. Rant over. Don't ban me please.

12. Contrary to popular belief I do like drugstore makeup, I know that quite a lot of the makeup I show is highend but I assure you that when I like a product I will show you it, I don't shun away from cheap because cheap doesn't mean rubbish!

13.I'm quite a shy person. For a long while I dreaded starting new jobs because it means that you have to get to know new people and it'shard work and you can't guarantee that everyone will like you. Unfortunately I left a great job where it was like one close knit family and I wish I had never left but hey I've just got to roll with it!

14. I love makeup, I know this sounds totally obviously but if I don't have makeup I would be lost. I don't really have any other hobbies to be honest and this just makes me feel great, I love dolling myself up because I don't really feel confident in bare skin and when I wear makeup I feel like a totally different person.

15. Favourite film? I don't really know, I have a favourite selection of films and I'll give you a few!;
Matilda, Cry Baby (Yes that totally cheesy one with Johnny Depp in), Kill Bill 1&2, Kick Ass 1&2, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Mean Girls, Singing in the Rain and err so many more haha.

16. Favourite artists - Lady Gaga, Queen, David Bowie. I don't really care when people say that they don't like Lady Gaga or David Bowie but whe they say that they don't like Queen I almost feel personally insulted.

17. I love Hello Kitty. I would have Hello Kitty tattooed on me if I could come up with a good enough design.

18. I have already picked out my first tattoo and it seems really daft but it's a child hood thing ok?!

19. I feel really lazy at times. I really think that I don't do enough physical exercise and I am actually just to lazy to change that! I actually had a dream last night where I couldn't play badminton as well as I used to and that really wasn't something I wanted to see. I really want to play badminton again.

20. My one massive goal in life is to complete a marathon.

21. I want to be married and have one child by the age of 25 I know this sounds really young but it's just something I want to do and I want to have traveled a whole lot before that!

22. I a still looking for my ideal job, I have tried almost everything and I can't seem to get it right for me.

23. I am nearly 20! in fact I will be 20 in 5 days :) I love my birthday and I love when my birthday is. October seems like a special month :P

24. Although I am, in my opinion, very grown up for my age I think that if you put my in the company of the right people I will act like an utter 5 year old and not in a spoilt brat kind of way but in the omg she's so ditzy and special kind of way.

25. Lastly, Catherine I am again sorry for stealing this from you but it needs to be said. I have a lot of love for everyone who reads my blog/ watches my videos even if you have only visited once. I appreciate it all because I at least feel as though it's worth it :)

After that lengthy and personal post I think you all deserve to see my new video!

Speak soon!

- Roo x

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