Saturday, 19 October 2013

Updates and Apologies!

Recently I posted a schedule of events for me to work from. This was a list of videos I was going to post over the course of 1 week, it had Halloween tutorials and everyday things. Unfortunately about 3 hours after I posted that and filmed the video for Friday I got super sick. I was literally comatose all of Saturday from being so unwell. Now I am trying to play catch up.

So a combination of Windows Movie Maker being a total arsehole and not having some of the materials I need it means that I am totally behind on what I wanted to do!
Suffice to say I am going to work to get the original video up tonight and work on doing at least 1 more Halloween tutorial before the 31st. I think I will post a really easy one a few days before hand just because I know there will be loads of people who are last minute costumers who need a little inspiration!

I'm working on getting an everyday makeup tutorial up for you all and the other main tutorial I want to do is Maleficent! I have nearly everything I need but a cool head-dress and I'm sure that if you are doing this then you will buy the costume so it may end up just being the makeup tat you get to see, even though I would love to do the full costume. So that might happen.

Anyway please keep your faith in me and have patience :)

Much love

- Ruby x

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