Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Pinterest Makeup

It occurred to me that I have been a prolific Pinterest pinner for quite some time and for some reason have never actually tried to recreate some of the amazing things I have seen on there. I wanted to try a new type of post where I take posts from Pinterest and actually try to do them. Mainly my inspiration for this was because of 'Pintastrophes' where someone's attempt has go so wrong! I don't intend to get anything wrong but if I do then it will probably be hilarious :)

Today I chose to recreate this look:

I was so inspired y this because I have some lovely green eyeshadows that don't get an awful lot of use and it is a bit of a twist on my usual neutral look. So without further ado, here is my attempt.

I am a little disappointed with the photos. Firstly you'll have to excuse the horrendous state my skin is in but also because in person the green was so brilliantly bright. Anyway I was so impressed by this look and would so consider doing it as an everyday thing. 

What do you think of my attempt, did I nail it? Also let me know what you think of these posts, if you're interested I may try and do some video tutorials.

Speak soon
Roo xx 

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