Monday, 8 September 2014

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette | The Review

I feel like I'm a little palette obsessed but then again, who isn't? My obsession, I mistakenly thought, had been satisfied by 3 Urban Decay Naked palettes. I don't really think you can ever have enough neutral shadows so naturally my next palette choice had to be the Smashbox Full Exposure palette. 

The actual packaging is very understated, which I love because I think it looks better that way. Lets face it though, I'm not buying this for the packaging, it's the pure gold that's inside.

I do have a little filter on this picture but rest assured I did do some swatches with no filter. There are several things I love and also something I would change about the packaging but that doesn't affect the products to I'll live. Personally I would prefer a plastic case, I'm kind of over the cardboard-ish case as it doesn't feel particularly safe. I do, however, love the fact that the mirror is a decent size and also that it comes with a decent brush! Hallelujah! This brush is sooo good. I love my UD brushes but this has sides for both the matte and shimmer shades and the matte is a really well made blending brush that is like no other. 

 Let's get down to brass tax. I have just swatched this as it is shown in the pan. I haven't really used any of the shimmer shades but that is because I am partial to matte shades. The matte shades are definitely more pigmented than the shimmer shades but they are still very pigmented. 

Definitely something I love about this palette is that is has both cool and warm shades so that you aren't just pigeon-holed into having one or the other and I think it's great for experimenting with other tones too. I wouldn't necessarily choose warm shades for my skin tone but I use the ones in the palette quite a lot. 

Seriously give this a go because the shades are amazing and you truly can never have enough neutral palettes. This is the same price as a Naked palette at £37 and you also get 2 more shadows. 

Before I forget aswell! This does come with a sample size of the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, which I love and you can read a Beauty Smackdown post I did sometime ago here.

Have you tried this? What do you think?

Speak soon
Roo xx  

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