Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Drugstore Edit #11: Collection Lip Liner Precision Colour

So I mentioned that I was going to reduce the amount of these posts coming out down to lack of stuff to review and the fact that I need to save money for New York. So I will be alternating my posts, so this week is going to be TDE and next will will be BS both on their normal days and they will take turns each week. To make up for this I will try and post 1 video a week but I can't promise anything because I am super lazy and hate editing videos.

Anyway, asides from that all lets get on with today's post!

I had to hold the pencil in this shot because it would not stay still! Also the colours looks so much darker than it actually is because I was losing light when I took the photos, though the swatches are fine. So really it's a standard pencil with nothing really special about the packaging but that's fine. 

I have yet to sharpen this pencil so I am quite please with the texture of the product in that you don't end up with a soft product that you have to sharpen a billion times.

Here are some swatches, where the light actually looks perfect :) The lovely thin line on the left is the pencil by itself and so is the top square. The colour is quite a cherry-ish red which I think looks amazing! The bottom square is my MAC Ruby Woo by itself just for reference. The colours aren't identical but they work. I didn't fancy paying out for a MAC lip liner. The left swatch is both the lipstick and lip liner together just to show you that the liner does have a little influence on the overall colour but not too much.

This liner lasts for a decent amount of time and is well worth the money at only £1.99 (I believe). This is also in the shade Paprika and you can pick it up from Boots and Superdrug as well as many other shops I am sure :)

Have you tried this liner? What are your favourite drugstore liners?

Speak soon
Roo xx


  1. I am also reluctant to fork out for MAC liners, especially when the Collection ones look so good! G.O.S.H do amaze lip liners too! xxx

    1. I only have 1 MAC liner and that's because I had a gift card, was being sweet talked by the sales assistant and because it a pretty strange colour so I don't think I'd be able to get it anywhere haha. I need to try some G.O.S.H, I keep looking at it when I have literally no money and then have to walk away :P xxx

    2. I really like G.O.S.H, it is sooo overlooked too! Their primers are great and their bronzer looks sooooo niiiiiice!

    3. It looks so similar to MAC in it's packaging and quality. I really want to get some of it!


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