Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March 2014 Non-Beauty Favourites!

I didn't really see a point in including this in my March Favourites video which I will post soon(ish), so I thought I would talk about them here...In depth! Seriously this will be a long read.

You may come to learn that I am very schitzy when it comes to my music taste and I can pinpoint a genre that I like because really there is not one that is my favourite. So here are my favourite albums of the month.

Lady Gaga - ARTPOP:
Ok, so this album is a little out there and if you aren't used to the weird world of Gaga then this might freak you out a little. Though I still love her first albums her new stuff is a far cry away from Just Dance which at the time seemed very out there and now by comparison looks so very tame. So you have been warned if you are going to venture into this but trust me when I say give the album a few listens over, it'll grow on you.

Favourites of the album? I love all the songs but if I had to pick three then I would choose Fashion!, Sexxx Dreams and Swine. There are so many good songs but these three are my personal faves. Fashion makes me feel fierce, swine makes me dance my butt off! and Sexxx Dreams just sounds good. Occasionally I hear a song and it speaks to my soul (so cheesy) and it doesn't have to be a deep song but if the tune/ sound is right then I just can't help but feel connected to it.

BeyoncĂ© - BeyoncĂ©:
This is her latest album offering and to be honest it has taken me so long to actually listen to it fully but I am so glad that I did because it's amazing, she's just amazing. I guarantee that you will love this album. She is a very well established artist and lets face it, her singing is unparalleled!

Favourites of the album? I am in LOOOVVVEEEE with Blue, I love the whole sound of the song. Her voice is perfection and the backing track is so unique and you'll see that she is a genius, she knows what she's doing. I also love Flawless, it's a strange song but it makes me feel strong and a little gangsta (Haha, I'm the whitest person you'll ever meet!). Finally Pretty Hurts I find myself listening to it over and over, its just so good!

Eminem - Recovery and MMLP2:
So, not like the others but I love both of these albums, I'm not claiming to be all knowledgeable in rap or hip hop or anything because I don't really like most of it but Eminem just makes it interesting to me. I love the way his music is written and it always has a depth of meaning and has an amazing sound. I can't guarantee you'll like it but if you like the songs where he has duetted with Rihanna or Sasha Grey then its a good starting point.

Favourites from the albums? I'll do four favourites for the two albums I don't want to bog you down with reading haha. So from MMLP2 I love Bad Guy and So Far. Bad Guy is a sequel song to Stan and you don't really realise this until about halfway through the song. SPOILER! If you don't want to know what the song is about then look away haha - So Stan is gone and his brother Matthew Mitchell is coming for revenge on Eminem for what happened to his brother. This is all in Matthew's point of view so you hear him driving to his house, sneaking in and kidnapping Eminem. My favourite part about this song is not the lyrics though it is amazingly written, my favourite part is that you can hear a heartbeat in the backing track, it adds so much more dimension to the song as a whole.
So Far is talking about Eminem's life currently, how far he has come and how he still connects to what he had. I like the references to previous songs/ personas. For example one line is 'The
Other day someone got all elaborate and stuck a head from a f**king dead cat in my mailbox
Went to Burger King, they spit on my onion rings, I think my karma is catching up with me' (sorry it's not appropriate, but when is he?) it's all to the tune of 'The Real Slim Shady' which says to me that people are still treating him as though he is Slim Shady. 

I like 'You're Never Over' and '25 To Life' from Recovery but  I'm not gonna go into too much detail about them because I think I over did it will the others haha!

TV Shows:

How I Met Your Mother:
If you don't know, the shows finale was on last night and I don't want to say anything if you haven't seen it yet but it knocked me emotionally. That's all I'm saying on that matter. 

This is a fantastic show and if you have never watched it then get watching it from the beginning, you won't regret it. It has running jokes, songs (occasionally, really great ones too!), romance and heartbreak. I ant everyone to watch this programme to know how I feel right now. I don't want to pigeon-hole it but it is kind of like the modern day 'Friends' but don't think of it like that when you watch it because you'll spoil it for yourself, this has so many different facets to it and the only similarity of it is that it's a group of friends in New York. 

I got into this about a week ago and I am up to date (The are 5 seasons each with about 13 episodes at 20 mins, I flew through them) Again, I ain't spoiling anything about this because it's still a current series.

This is an adult cartoon, 18+. If you like cartoons and aren't really affected by dirty humour at all then that's a great place to start because there's lots of that. Now if you like espionage, alcoholism and complex story lines then this is for you! It is quite childish at the same time if you get what I mean, it's a balance. If you like Family Guy/ American Dad but want something which is a bit more sophisticated in the writing style (Not relying on cutaways) then you might like this. 

Sooo those were my other favourites of the month of March. Have you watched/ listened to any of these, let me know your opinions on them and tell me what non- beauty favourites have you been loving this month :)

Speak soon
Roo xx

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