Monday, 21 April 2014

#BloggersDoItBetter - Bloggers Do Bargains Better: Olive Oil!!

So we are onto the second topic for the #BloggersDoItBetter challenge and this time it's all about bargains.

I believe that everyone loves a bargain, why wouldn't you? You save more money getting the things you want and you can put the saved money towards other goodies!

So this post is dedicated to one item - Olive Oil!

I feel that olive oil is so underrated in the beauty world and it's potential uses and benefits will definitely save you some money. 

Use 1: Hair

This is one of the best uses for olive oil. If your in a pinch and you're struggling without hair oil then this is your new best friend. I personally like to apply lots of oil to my hair in evening time and sleep with it in. This gives a deep condition and after normal hair care your hair will feel so smooth and soft.

You can also use this after styling in the same way you would usually use your hair oil and tame any fly-a-ways, though be warned because it wont have the same sweet smell as regular hair oil.

Use 2: Make Up Remover

Cleansing oils are nothing new to the beauty world so this really makes sense that this would work. You just use it in the same way, massage into skin and then wipe off with a hot cloth. There have been plenty of times where I have ran out of make up remover and reached for this because it does such a good job!

Use 3: Facial Oil

Another face use! Facial oils are relatively new and before you go and spend a fortune on one give this a try first. In the same way you deep condition your hair all you need to do is just apply a little bit of oil to your face and massage it in. This will naturally just absorb into your skin and really make your skin soft. 

Use 4: Body Moisturiser

Again it's the same as the facial oil. If you don't mind sleeping in a little bit of oil then you should consider this as a moisturiser. I know that not everyone can take the feeling of oil on their skin but it is honestly a great conditioner. 

Use 5: Nails

You can really do wonders for your nails by applying this to bare nails. Give your nails a break in between colours and rub a bit of oil into the cuticles and nail, by morning you will feel how much stronger they are.

Use 6: Lip Exfoliaton

Yes another face use! Take a tooth brush and a pot of oil, dip the tooth brush in and start gently scrubbing your lips. Seriously it will only take a minute or 2 of your time and it will get rid of the chapped-ness and leave your lips feeling soft an plump.

Those are my top beauty uses for olive oil, Imagine how much money you would save by buying a big bottle of olive oil than buying each individual beauty product! 

Do you have any other uses? Let me know :)

Speak soon 
Roo xx 


  1. Such a good idea! I'll have to try it with my nails :)

  2. Great post! I enjoy reading about essential oils.
    Olive Needs Popeye

  3. I'm an olive oil lover, I keep different types of olive oil in the house for different uses: for cooking, as dressing, for cosmetic purposes and a special gourmet one for special occasions. I feel fortunate because I feel olive oil is still pretty inexpensive here in Spain compared to other places. My granny used to tell her physician that she was taking a spoonful of olive oil every morning on an empty stomach and she lived to a week before turning 99 years of age.

    1. It really does have so many benefits and especially health :)


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