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Brand Focus: MAC

This is a type of post I have never done before and I'm quite excited to do, the only real issue is that I can't post them too often because I don't have that many different brands to choose from and the stuff I post might be a little old hat - my spending ban doesn't help either.

Anyway this post is going to be all about MAC Cosmetics and my thoughts on the products I have. Granted I look like a bit of a newbie to MAC because I don't have that big of a collection in comparison to other bloggers but rest assured, I have gotten to know MAC as a brand from the items I do have.

 Oooh how blurry is this photo?!

 (From L to R - Her Alter Image VV, Vile Violet VV, Lucky Green P and Opalesse ED)

So I only have four MAC eye shadows and they are all in quite outlandish colours, mainly due to the fact that from my three Urban Decay Naked Palettes I am overloaded with neutrals. The 2 on the left are both from the Evil Queen Venomous Villains collection from some years back but I still love them and as you can see I have hit pan on one. 

Lucky green is a permanent colour and I had my eye on this for such a long time because I love this shade of green and I'm glad I bought it because the pigment is fantastic! 

Last but certainly not least is Opalesse from the Extra Dimension collection. I think it might be a little difficult to pick up on camera but this is a beautiful pearl white/purple colour with super pigmentation and buttery feel, originally I was going to buy Zestful which was a pale green colour but when I went to the MAC counter and saw the full collection I immediately fell in love with Opalesse. Sadly I dropped it and it got a little battered but it's still fine :)

 (Fron L to R Sinister VV, Ruby Woo, Diva, Creme Cup, Russian Red, Snob and Burgundy)

So the first one is Sinister also from the Evil Queen Venomous Villains collection. This is a lustre finish and is also quite sheer. It does have the typical MAC lipstick smell but I haven't come across one that doesn't have that. It is a purpley reddish brow colour so isn't my first choice but I still love it all the same because it was the first MAC lipstick I ever got. 

Next is Ruby Woo and I love this simply for the name. It's also a perfect red which in my opinion is an absolute must in every girl's make up collection. This a Retro Matte finish and they do tend to be a lot drier than regular mattes so this can be a little difficult if you plan to wear this all day. 

Then there is Diva, I am in love with this colour. About 6 months ago this would have been well out of my comfort zone but I took a chance when I bought this. I had one of the assistants help me choose this colour out and I tried it one and I was totally in love with it. In fact, I'll mention the Burgundy lip liner with this because I bought them at the same time to go with one another. They are bang on the same colour and with dark colours I feel lip liners are totally necessary. 

Creme Cup is another cult classic. This has to be my most used lipstick because it is the perfect balance between a nude and a pink. It also goes with absolutely any look and has to be the most versatile MAC lipstick out there - very much a my lips but better colour. This is a Cremesheen too so it's not dry on the lips.

Russian Red I feel is also becoming a cult classic colour. It is very similar to Ruby Woo but it's slightly darker in colour and isn't quite as drying as it is a standard Matte. I find it a lot more wearable than Ruby Woo as well because it isn't quite so vibrant. 

Last is Snob and along with Russian Red, these are my new additions. This is quite bright against my skin tone but looks a lot more toned down against darker skin tones. It's a Satin finish so is somewhere between a Matte and a Cremesheen. It's also a very blue based pink so works well for all my cool toned girls out there!  

 (Left Penultimate Eye Liner, Right Extended Play Gigablack Lash)

The mascara has to be the weirdest swatch ever, picked up all the hair on my hand though! It's a fantastic mascara and I love it. Somehow it manages to make my lashes look longer than they have ever been before, I love the fact that it separates and gives volume too. 

If you read my blog then you will know my feelings on the Penultimate Eye Liner, that being said I have to say that I want to buy it again because I have a strong feeling that I got a faulty product so I do want to give this a second chance. 

This part is my favourite, I am 99% sure that these are all fake brushes but I don't mind and I'm including them in this post because they work quite well. 

Mainly I use the foundation brush for applying face masks. Once upon a time ago I did use it for foundation but you move on with your application methods. The bottom brush is great for packing colour onto the lid and the top brush is great for blending in the outer v. So yeahh they might be fake but they're still good :P

Overall I rate MAC quite highly as a brand and their prices can go from 'That's not so bad' to 'Holy hell, that's expensive!', at least in my opinion. The general quality is always quite high and I only think there are a few items I have tried that weren't up to scratch. 

So tell me, what do you think of MAC? What are your favourite products from them?

Speak soon
Roo xx

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