Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bare Minerals: A Collection

I think the only thing I ever featured about Bare Minerals on my blog was the Fixation Friday post I made about it. Unfortunately I have yet to buy any Bare Minerals products but my mother however is a fan so far and she has collected a fair bit of stuff. So I thought swatches were in order!

I am quite envious of my mother collection because it's a lovely introduction to Bare Minerals and contains pretty much everything you need.

So I'll start off with this beautiful palette which I bought her for Mother's Day. This is the Bare Minerals Shine On palette. It's great because there isn't anything to do with the foundation and it gives you a chance to try their eye and lip products.

Swatch time! I love swatches. (From left to right)

The Big Break Blush - This is a very pale but also very shimmery rose pink blush. I would say that this is great for a light sweep of colour but you might want to follow up with something a bit more intense on the apples

Glitterati Eye Shadow - This is a super shimmery and nicely pigmented baby pink, It is a subtle pink so it's not too scary haha. This does have a little fallout but is super buttery in texture. 

Center Stage Eye Shadow - This is a nicely pigmented dark violet. It isn't as buttery feeling as Glitterati but also doesn't have the fallout. It makes a great crease colour. 

Round The Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in 4pm - I swear this looks a hell of a lot more purple than when you swatch it. Here it looks purpley-brown but the pencil looks very very purple. It has a lot of staying power though and this looks like a good contending eye liner. 

Prime Time Brightening Eye Lid Primer - This isn't like any eye primer I have seen before. We are all familiar with Urban Decay Primer Potion and the coloured versions but this isn't even like that. This has legitimate chunks of glitter in there and it also looks to be a good primer. It is a little tough to blend out though. 

Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in A-Lister - This is a good, standard lip gloss, it is lightly glittered and the glitter is quite fine as well so it shouldn't become dry and annoying. This actually looks like its the same colour as the blush with the same colour glitter too. Quite beautiful :)  

Ok lets move onto the rest of the stuff.

To be honest, I have only tried this once and I'm not sure what the benefits of this product are but my mother loves Bare Minerals and she uses a combination of the Mineral Veil, Original Foundation and Pure Transformation day Treatment. I think this is supposed to be like a setting power for the foundation but I am not entirely sure. 

I did love this when I tried it but be warned that you will either need to use concealer underneath this or have good skin for this to work to the best results. It does feel nice and silky to apply and I didn't really have any issues other than my own skin.

Again, I am not sure of the benefits of this but it's the Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Day Treatment in Sheer Light. I think you are supposed to apply this before the foundation. I also recall hearing that it is supposed to gradually improve the appearance of skin but I could be totally wrong.

 This primer, THIS PRIMER Oh Lord! I loved this when I tried it. It is yellow in colour so has a neutralising effect on red skin which is just perfect for me as I can end up being tomato red sometimes. This blends really nicely and just feels so silky! They do also have different Prime Time formulations if neutralisation is not the effect you desire.

I do like the Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener but don't confuse it with a concealer otherwise you will be sorely disappointed. I would suggest applying this over your under-eye concealer to give it a little oomph but that's about it. I probably wouldn't outright buy this because it's not really something I would use on a daily basis but it does feel nice.

Now I do like this! I can't seem to find out what this is called but I just know the colour is Elation. Bare Mienrals have created something genius here. This is a lipstick which does have a nice amount of pigment and does feel nice and moisturising but also has a staining quality so that the colour will stay on your lips even when the lipstick has worn off.

So that is all the Bare Minerals I have to show you but let me know if you have tried Bare Minerals, what products do you rate and which ones do you hate? (Oooh I like the sound of that)

Speak soon,
Roo xx


  1. I've never tried Bare Minerals really, but buy it for my Mam all the time...must be a Mammy thing haha!

    1. Haha, I think so, though I would love to give it a go for myself properly. Some of the stuff looks amazing :)


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