Monday, 7 April 2014


I'm super excited for this!
I only heard of the Bloggers Do It Better challenge yesterday and I cannot wait to get started. This was created by Gem from Touch of Belle and you can click the link to see the original post.

This challenge is all about bloggers proving their writing ability, that we can write articles just as well/ if not better than magazine writers. I have no doubt that we can.

A new topic will be assigned every fortnight to be posted on a Monday/Tuesday and all you need to do it write a piece on the given topic.

If you fancy giving this a go then you can email Gem at
Just send her your name, email and your blog URL to get in on it :)

This is such a good way to show that bloggers really can do it better. I hope you decide to give it a go!

Speak soon
Roo xx

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