Friday, 15 February 2013

Baking time!: Red Velvet Macaroons

I know it's not make-up related but I decided that because I was making red velvet macaroons today that I would share it with you and give you a step by step guide on how to create these little beauts all by yourself ;)

It is the day after Valentine's Day and in hindsight they would have been perfect to make then but oh well. The are just as nice for any other occasion.

So Here is what you'll need;

- Egg Whites Approx. 71g
- Caster Sugar Approx. 42g
- Ground Almonds Approx. 56g
- Icing Sugar Approx. 112g
- Unsweetened Cocoa Powder Approx. 6g
- Vanilla Extract
- Red Food Colouring
- Baking Parchment
- Flat Baking Tray
- Piping Bags
- Thermometer
- Food Mixer (not necessary)

Step 1.

Place eggs in a bowl of warm water, water must be about 43 Celcius (Just hot water from the tap).
Bring eggs up to this temperature, then let them cool to room temp.

 Step 2.
Weigh out 71g of egg white, you won't need 5 eggs but I was making more than one batch.

Step 3.
Pour egg whites into food mixer and whisk at high speed for about half a minute or until they are foamy and are beginning to hold their shapes (soft peaks).
Then add 42g of caster sugar gradually until the mixture can hold its shape and is glossy (medium peaks). After this you should add your food colouring and vanilla into the mix.
 Step 4.
Put 56g of ground almonds in a bowl.

 Step 5.
Add 112g of Icing sugar into the same bowl.
Step 6.
Then add 6g of coca powder into the bowl as well.
 Step 7.
Mix thoroughly. Also make sure that there are no lumps in the mixture - a good idea is to sift them into the bowl before mixing hahaha.

 Step 8.
Add the dry mixture to the wet one and with a spatula carefully fold the mixture you should do this in only one direction and do about 50 turns give or take. The mixture should be glossy and fall smoothly from the spoon.

Step 9.
Heat your oven to about 150 celcius.
Put mixture into a piping bag, I suggest that you use disposable bags and don't cut the end off until you're ready to use the mixture. So if you don't have the fancy baking sheets with the circle moulds for macaroons then just y your best.
Pipe them out with about 3-4cm in between each one and pipe each one to be about 3-4cm - be aware that they will spread out quite a bit.
Let them sit for around 30mins or until they have developed a skin on top.
 Step 10.
Put them into the oven for around 10mins.

When you take them out they should have an even colour and have bubbled crisp edge on the bottom.
<-- Like so.
I think my batch made about double what you see on the left so about 48-50 which when sandwiched together make 24/25.

For the filling, I decided not to take any pictures or go into any detail on this part because this is easy and everyone had a preference.
I made a vanilla buttercream but you can use jam, whipped cream, nutella, chocolate ganache, etc. It's all down to what you like best :)

I really hope this was helpful and have fun making these tiny delicious treats. Let me know how your's turn out and don't worry, if thy don't turn out right the first time then don't give up :)

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