Saturday, 2 February 2013

New/Future Purchases (Candle alert!)

Hi Everyone!
I bought a new candle today :)

Pre-warning: If you don't like candles and you love make-up the go ahead and skip past :)

I got the WoodWick Trilogy candle in Clothesline Fresh in the 22oz size and I am just sooo happy about it.
It has (as it suggests) 3 different fragrances which are Cotton Flower, Linen and Cashmere, so they are all pretty fresh fragrances which you just can't go wrong with!

They are just such candles, you can get single fragrances ones but these ones are just lovely :)

I work at a shop which sells a lot of candles so I am a bit of an expert in them :P

I think I am obsessed with candles though, they are just so mice to burn, they just give the room a nice ambience.

So here are the facts about WoodWick candles;

-The special signature feature of the candles is that instead of having a normal cotton wick they have a wooden wick (duhh!) and this gives off an amazing crackle sound, like a real fire but not nearly as intense.

-The wax is super soft so it melts faster giving a faster fragrance but they don't burn as quickly as a normal candle so it lasts well.

-You need to trim the wick to get a full life hahaha.

Enough about candles though,

I have decided already what I will be buying on payday!

I thought well I need a new mascara so I thought I'd go for the Maybelline Falsies Flared mascara but then I saw that they brought out a new one called the Rocket Volum' and I think I might just buy that instead or both!

Then I think I am going to buy the new Rimmel Apocalips lip laquers :)
And from what I remember watching FleurDeForce talking about them, she said they were 3 for 2 in Boots so that is perfect.
I decided the colours I would buy are;
<--Celestial which is a lovely nude/pink colour

<---Big Bang, a very vibrant glossy red, which I love and because I have very pale skin, I think it just looks amazing in contrast.

<---Nude Eclipse which will look great against my complexion and I can wear with any make-up or just to make my lips even and glossy.

I probably will end up buying more than this but these are the ones I thought I'd talk about :P
But please look out for my first ever video! Which is going to be a first impressions review or a haul on these products!


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