Sunday, 10 March 2013

Elvive Extraordinary Oil Miracle Hair Perfecter Review

I have been working on this one for a while because I thought it might take a bit of time to see any true results on this product.

This is the Elvive Extraordinary Oil Miracle Hair Perfecter and you can get it for either 'All Hair Types' or 'Coloured hair'.

And though my hair is coloured I used the all hair types formula, because that's the sample that I had but the picture is of the coloured hair formula.

So first of all I'll talk about the actual packaging of the product, because actually I think it's worth mentioning.

- This is the standard packaging and it comes in an amber coloured glass bottle and I love that it's glass and not plastic because it just looks so much better.

It also comes with a pump, standard to this style product, which is great as it makes it easier to use :)
I honestly don't think I'd bother with hair products like this if it didn't have a pump because I just think the mess wouldn't be worth it.

I used the sample packet to begin with (which is why I mention about how messy it is) and this comes with about 2/3 uses, maybe more, depending on thickness and length of your hair.

So, the actual product:

It is really runny! It nearly ran off my hand because I wasn't expecting that it would be that thin.

This is completely clear, at least for the all hair types formula. I don't know if the coloured hair version would have any sort of tint to it.

I couldn't really smell anything from this product, I think the was a slight fragrance but nothing noticeable. which is some respects is good, because it could conflict with the scent of your shampoo/conditioner/any other hair product you use. However, I have used some oils which smell amazing when you use them. So it really depends on your preference but overall I think this is a good thing.

I like to rub this into my hands to slightly warm up the product before applying to my hair and it says you can use it 3 different ways - Before shampooing, before styling or as a finishing touch. Personally I use it before styling when my hair is still wet because I think that drying it into the hair gives a better finish, so you're not washing away he product and your not at risk of applying too much and making your hair look greasy.

I always find that I really don't need to apply that much, they recommend that you use 2/3 pumps on long hair but I only use 1 because it spreads quite far when your hair is wet and I still end up with left over on my hands but I just rub it in because I'm sure that it will be very nourishing for your skin and nails.

After using this product my hair feels so much more controlled and just so soft.

In conclusion, I really like this product and I will definitely be using it in the future, it's such a nice product and it's only £9.99 from boots which, pound for pound, is a lot cheaper than other hair oils on the market.

I really hope that you like this review, let me know what your thoughts are :)

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