Sunday, 3 November 2013

Skin Nightmare

I am having the worst time with my skin :/ Although the quality of my skin is improving and it's not as flaky and dry I am having the worst breakout of my life! I have a feeling that this is purely hormonal and it will soon solve itself and actually show all the hard work that I have out into my skincare routine.

Consequently I may not upload as many videos or pictures of myself, I will try and be brave and show my face. You may have seen what I have been talking about in the last 2 videos that I posted, but it has gotten worse, I don't want to sound dramatic about it because it's not as bad as it could be but I think that you will all understand the sort of situation because blemishes are not an uncommon occurrence.

Anyway, I do need time to think of new ideas for videos so I suppose this gives me some time to do that.

So keep your eyes peeled :)

- Ruby x

PS - If you haven't seen my latest video then here it is!

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