Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Smashbox #SHAPEMATTERS Palette | Review

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Today I've got my coffee by my side and a great new palette that everyone needs to get their hands on. I've been a fan of Smashbox for a fair while now and whilst I don't make it my objective to buy everything and anything they have ever made, there was an offer that I could not resist in the form of the new Shape Matters palette.

Strange lighting, horrible white cast :/ 

I feel relatively lucky as I was able to get this palette for only £30 from Boots, unfortunately I don't know of internationally offers and this price has since ended and is now back to full retail. I would recommend that if you are in the UK, and have a Boots Advantage Card, that you wait until one of their point events to buy it, that way you will at least get a lot more points for it.

Even at the full £60 price mark I think that this is one of the most worthwhile products I have seen in a while and I think it is truly worth investing in. This palette also includes their existing contour kit, albeit downsized slightly, with an added highlight shade. It also features a brow kit (with a cleverly included lid for the wax), a whopping 9 eye shadows and also a high quality, dual ended brush that caters for both the brows and the eyes.

The Brow Kit

I've only just started to stray away from my usual brow pencil to experiment with powders, so I am a bit of a novice when it comes to this. The brow kit includes a light shade (Taupe) and a darker shade (Soft Brown),

Speaking to others who use this palette I know that they tend to use either the Taupe or the Soft Brown but I think I am able to fall into the category where I can use both. I start by filling in the brow with the lighter shade and then I add dimension with the darker shade on the tail of my brow. I really like the fact that they have included 2 shades to make it more versatile but even if you only use one the other will make for a nice eyeshadow. I also love that there has been a wax included with this as it means there is more control over the shape of your brows.

The Contour Kit

I wouldn't got out of my way to buy the full size Smashbox Contour Kit and that's down the the fact that I am highly unlikely to use two thirds of the kit considering my fair complexion. despite this I still think it is an excellent kit for those with a slightly darker skin tone than I have. This kit includes Contour, Bronze, Highlight and Glow. Typically I will only use Contour and Glow because I think they work well with my skin tone but because the shades are so easy to manipulate I tend to toss Bronze and Highlight on the lids instead as they are another product that work extremely well as eye shadows, so the options aren't too limited.

The Eye Kit

This set of shadows is beyond unbelievable! 9 shadows, 6 of which I would say are matte and the other 3 are outstanding shimmer shades. I really feel like the shades have had a lot of thought behind them as it would have been easy enough to keep it as a very neutral selection but they have thrown in a few unexpected colours whilst keeping it very inoffensive.

The top row includes;

- Vanilla: Matte off-white/ cream (Almost doesn't show up on my arm due to it being close to my skin tone)
- Totally Nude: A medium rose pink neutral matte shade
- Champagne: Light golden shade with high shimmer

The middle row includes;

- Stripped: A warm light matte brown
- Posh: Pink with a hint of purple with intense shimmer
- Platinum: Warm silver shade with high shimmer

The bottom row includes:

- Sumatra: Rich deep brown matte shade
- Aubergine: Deep plum matte shade
- Blackout: Intense matte black

These shadows are fantastic and whilst I would say that the shimmers shades are far more pigmented, I think that the mattes are easier to control making them user friendly for less experienced make up users.

This palette really offers diverse usage and allows you to change up your look without changing your products.

What are your opinions on this palette, do you think it's worth the price tag? Let me know.

Speak soon

Roo xx

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