Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Fair Contour Kit | Review

A few weeks ago I read that ABH was releasing a Fair Cream Contour Kit to go alongside their existing shade collections Light, Medium and Deep. Obviously this was very exciting to me because it meant to say that I could try the kit out for myself because the new option is light enough for my complexion.

I really love their existing contour powders so now having a cream option is really quite exciting for me. I had been following the hype behind the cream kits for a while so I knew about the general consensus of them so I wasn't dissuaded in my want for this one.

The kits consist of 6 cream shades, 3 lighter shades for highlighting and 3 for contouring and bronzing. What I do like is that with the deeper bronzing shades they haven't added any shimmer or glow that you might find in powder bronzers.

The top row consists of (from left to right) Soft Light, Lustre and Fair

I typically use Soft light on areas of my face that need lightened but not specifically highlighted (i.e the space between my jaw and my cheek contour.

Lustre is a highlighter with a pearl finish, for fair skin tones this is ideal as the shimmer is white/ silver which will work well with cooler and paler skin tones. I will only ever use this on the tops of my cheek bones and my brow bone. I feel like the shimmer would be too intense to use anywhere else.

Fair is what I use as my main brightening shade that I will apply under the eyes, down the nose, on the forehead and on my chin. Out of all the shades in the palette, this one was what I wanted the most and it really lives up to my expectations.

The bottom contouring/bronzing shades are (again, left to right) Fawn, Shadow and Mink

Fawn is my main contouring shades as it's not too dark but it provides enough pigment to help define my cheekbones. This is  quite a cool tone shade and that is what you want for your contour because you want to create a realistic shadow, which a warm tone won't do.

Shadow is a bit confusing for me, only because of the name. I would use this for bronzing rather than contour because shade is warmer on me. Really I'll only apply this to the perimeters of my forehead and possible on top of my contour but only lightly.

Mink is the darkest of the shades and I haven't used this one so far because I thin it might be too dark for my skin on an every day basis. I will reserve this shade for more costumey make up where I really need to carve out my cheekbones.

Personally I really love this palette and I think it's helped me take my make up game to a whole new level. I would only suggest that you be careful of how you layer your products with this kit, I applied a eye primer first and it clung weirdly to the primer. I would also say that once you've blended out the areas that usually crease apply a powder directly after.

Another thing I really like about the ABH palettes is that it seems to give you the option of reordering a single shade so that you don't have to buy a whole new palette if you run out of your most used shade (genius!)

Have you tried these palettes? let me know what you think in the comments.

Speak soon

Roo xx

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