Thursday, 26 March 2015

Maybelline Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush Review

Ok, so this one is a bit of an odd one. Recently I went along to one of the local shopping outlet centres near my house, they've recently just opened a shop called The Beauty Outlet. It's one of those shops which stocks W7, really discounted big brands and also some brands you may never have heard of. Personally I love these types of shops, they may not have what you want by a certain brand but they are amazing for going 'treasure hunting'. 

Anyway, I managed to pick up a blush by Maybelline that I have never seen or heard of before. I believe this is a Japanese import down to the writing on the packaging. It is pretty unusual to find imports outside of these types of shops which make them all the more interesting.

Excusing the blurry photo, let's talk about the packaging. This thing is pretty small so I'm not too sure how that will affect the products lifespan, it did seem to go down quite a lot when I first used it so either it was just compressing or it's going to run out super quick. It is pretty cute but I some how get the impression that it's cheap because of the white and clear plastic packaging despite the fact of it feeling quite sturdy, granted I did only spend £1.99 on this so I'm not expecting the packaging to be top notch.

The texture is quite weird in that it's somewhere between a mousse and a cream and it's definitely something I've not come across before. I chose the shade '02' which is a fairly rosy pink which generally suits cool pale complexions but I personally think its a universal shade. They did one other shade in the shop I bought it from but a little research told me that there were a few other shades available. 

The picture hasn't quite captured the pigment so well but my general feeling about it is that it's easy to apply a nice natural sheer layer but tread with caution as it gets really intense with layering. I also found that this was super blendable and really easy to use. Specifically I like to use my BeautyBlender because personally I just feel it give a more natural finish and also blends the colour evenly across my cheek. 

I'm definitely feeling this one and I think I love it even more because of how inexpensive it is! If you happen to come across this then I would advise picking it up without hesitation. I totally encourage you all to go for a little hunt around these types of shops because you really never know what you are going to find. 

Have you been in one of these shops? What did you find?

Speak soon
Roo xx

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