Saturday, 25 October 2014

#NoMakeup #NoFilter #NoProblem

It's a no make up kind of day for me. I get like this from time to time because my skin needs a bit of a break from all the make up and just needs a chance to breathe. I am undoubtedly a serial skincare abuser, I do try and treat my skin but I am lazy at the best of times and usually end up regretting the fact I have neglected my skin. 

This is me with no make up, I do have a few issues with blemishes and redness but my skin is having a day to recover. My skin has been treated to some exfoliating, spot treatments and I am also currently trying out the L'Occitane Divine Cream which was lovely to use.

I find looking at my no make up face very strange and as I have progressed with my make up usage I find it even more bizarre, especially when I have profile pictures like this, which I don't even think looks like me.

I do feel like I am becoming more and more of a make up chameleon and I am really curious to know if anyone else has this thought about themselves. Truth be told, If I was asked if these two pictures were of the same person I would probably say no.

I know this has been a total waffle and is probably incredibly confusing as a post but it was exactly what was on my mind and thought I would share it with you all :)

Can anyone relate to this? Am I weird? haha :)

Speak soon
Roo xx


  1. I never wore makep unless I was going on a night out until about two years ago - so that was my late 20s! Now I'll try and put some on even if I'm just popping to the supermarket and I don't know what's changed! Yesterday I went to visit my Dad without makeup and he asked if I was ill! I won't wear makeup if I'm just pottering around the house as it's a waste of time and makeup!

    I think you can tell the photo are of the same person but your eyes do look very different without makeup - I wonder why that is! They're more almond shaped - perhaps it's the eyeliner?

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

    1. Is so strange isn't it? It's funny you mention being told you look ill because the same thing happened to me when I went into work a couple of weeks ago with no make up on. I never realised it made so much of a difference :) xx


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