Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Experience At The No7 Match Made Lipstick Service

My readers in the UK may have seen the new service that No7 is offering. You may be familiar with their foundation matching service in which they use a colour picking device that looks directly at your skin tone to match to one of their existing foundations. This service is all about finding colours that will suit you skin tone.

I was totally sceptical because I was expecting that they would choose one colour for you but this was going from a perspective of only hearing about it and not actually reading into it or experiencing it.

So I went along to the No7 counter because initially my plan as to visit 2 different counters to see if I would come out with the same lipstick colour. As I mentioned before, I literally had no idea what the process was of determining the colour.

After my first visit it was obvious that I don't need to go and visit 2 counters because actually the process was so simple that I feel a little stupid admitting to you all what I thought would happen - but hey, no secrets here.

So, you go along to the counter and they will do the exact same thing that they would when they are finding your foundation shade and from that they will give you a piece of card with your foundation shade and the list of lipstick shades that will suit you.

My shade came out as Calico (the lightest foundation shade they do), no surprise there, and the list of lipstick shades was quite amazing. There were a few that I didn't agree with on the list which featured some orangey/coppery colours that I would never gravitate towards but they might work, who knows.

I love the idea behind this because naturally I think it's common sense to buy a lipstick that compliments your skin tone but what this doesn't take into account is other factors like hair colour and eye colour which I think can play a massive role in determining a suitable colour. If your aren't sure what suits you and you want to play it a little safe then go for it because I think it's a service that we should all make use of.

Just remember that beauty is subjective and whatever you feel comfortable in will always be perfect for you. There is not wrong and right and you should just have fun and experiment with new products.

Have you tried out this service yet? What are your thoughts on it and do you agree with the selection you were given?

Speak soon
Roo xx 

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  1. I am really interested to find out my skin tone and colours that would suit me. I must get round to using this service.


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